Pavel Nersessian

Pianist Professor

Pavel Nersessian - one of the most remarkable pianists of his generation in Russia, professor of piano in Moscow State Conservatory and Boston University.
Павел Нерсесьян - известный пианист, заслуженный артист России, профессор Московской консерватории им. П.И. Чайковского и Бостонского Университета.

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Review in The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Staggeringly stunning? Stunningly staggering? Not quite the right descriptors for the 49-year-old Russian pianist and new BU professor Pavel Nersessian, who — relaxed, confident, moment-enjoying, attentive both to the composer’s work and to his own work in its behalf — gave a recital Friday night in Weston at the River School Conservatory’s annual Chopin Symposium that was uncommonly satisfying. In fact it was by some measure the most satisfying varied-program piano recital I’ve been to in I don’t know how long.

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